Saturday, September 13, 2014

How Do You Buy Tickets to the Carnegie Hall Concert?

We have been getting quite a few questions in recent weeks about the process for purchasing tickets to the March 2, 2015 DGN & DGS Bands Concert at Carnegie Hall, and thought it would be helpful to clarify the process:

If you have purchased the "Fan Package" through Bob Rogers Travel, you are all set! Your seats will be reserved first, before tickets go on sale to the general public.  You can count on fabulous seats!

If you are traveling independently to NYC for the concert, or you have family and friends in the NYC area that would like to attend, you may purchase tickets from the Carnegie Hall Box Office website beginning on January 2, 2015.  If you go to the website now, the website will tell you to call the Box Office.  It is our understanding that if you call now, you will be told that tickets will be made available on January 2.

We will provide further updates in December, as we learn more.