Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Post New York Trip

The time is now approximately 11:30 pm. Yet, I cannot get the words "I played at Carnegie Hall" out of my head. I know I was not the only one whose breath was taken away when we first entered the music hall. Carnegie's gold, circular and ornate walls enveloped you in the moment. I specifically recall our tour guide asking my group if we were fascinated because he had not heard any oooh's and ahhh's. I responded back saying that he had not heard any response because we were indeed too fascinated to speak. I remember pulling up to Carnegie Hall, and I told my bus partner "Oh my god, we are here. I can't believe we are finally here." and her response was only a nod because her face was in awe. Walking onto the stage for the first time, made me feel a part of something big- if there was background music to my life, that moment would have deserved a cymbal crash. I remember when Mr. Teague told us after our group picture how proud of us he was. And he began to get tears in his eyes. It felt awkward at first because, hey your teacher is about to cry but, I realized that this was a big moment for all of us. Those performing, directing and even family members in the audience. We have shared a special experience together and who knows? Maybe some of us will end up there again.
Looking back on this trip, I know that this is an experience I will never forget. Between running around Rockefeller Center, watching a proposal on "Top Of The Rock" (she said yes) and performing at Carnegie Hall, I can honestly say that I love my band family; those that make me smile, laugh and cry. Those that annoy the crap out of me and those that I'm glad to have had by my side all the way. The directors and all of the band nerds have truly made band a part of my life that I will always cherish. So, thank you Mr. Teague, Mr. Miller and Mr. Botti for getting us here. We could not have become the musicians we are today, without you guys.

"I want to be apart of it. New York, New York."
Frank Sinatra