Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Life Changing Experience

The New York trip was one that I will never forget! The fact that we all performed at Carnegie Hall is still surreal to me. I learned many things about myself on this trip but the main thing was that hard work really pays off. The music  we played was very challenging and I was nervous that I wasn't  capable of playing it  but I  learned  that if you have a goal in mind you will achieve it. And with tons of practicing I surprised  myself with  my musical capabilities. This moment changed my life because I never thought I would play at Carnegie Hall. I come from a very musical family and have always heard of Carnegie but never thought I would ever be there. And the fact that I did made me extremely proud. The biggest standout memory for this trip  was at the Top of the Rock. That is when it fianlly hit me  that I was in New York and I would be playing at Carnegie Hall. This was a trip that will live with me forever.