Sunday, March 1, 2015

Actors make great tour guides

My Sunday started with the alarms going off at unnatural times of the morning. I wasn't even sure the clock could read that early. Breakfast was a quiet, delicious affair.  There was bacon. I was happy. The person who needed active culture yogurt yesterday got two yogurts today. The staff was perfectly on point and we couldn't have been more appreciative of all their hard work.
We started our day on the bus with a guided tour from a native New Yorker. She was amazing (and she has a degree in singing. She gave us a sample. I wish I could sing like her).  We saw Midtown, Harlam, Central Park (we got to get out and walk around. It was very icy and snowy and beautiful.  Plus, many important movies have been filmed in Central Park. That was cool), the docks, and a thousand other amazing places. There is so much history in New York and learning all about it was a perfect way to spend the morning.
Then we went on a ferry. I spent most of the tour out on the upper deck.  It wasn't too cold once I'd been out there for a while. We passed the coast of New York and New Jersey and Statue of Liberty. Everyone took about a bajillon pictures in the cold. Our tour guide (he has a BFA in acting) for the boat was hysterical. He had us in informed stitches the entire trip. The river was filled with ice, so navigation was difficult but the tour was still awesome. It started to snow by the end of the cruise. Pretty, but made travel interesting.
Lunch was a private affair.
The musical was amazing. Matilda was much darker than the movie but it was better than I thought it would be. The music was superb and the plot line added depth to the story I had never considered before. I think the 18 people who went really enjoyed it. The other 182 people went to Aladdin.  They said it was really good. The carpet flew and they couldn't even see the wires! Broadway magic. Best thing ever.
Dinner was in a fancy restaurant hotel near Times Square. There were so many desserts that several people are probably suffering from sugar comas now. The food was delicious too.
We even got back to the hotel a little early! People were talking, practicing, and starting to rest up tomorrow,  the highlight of our trip: Carnegie Hall. We all have been working so hard for so long that I can't believe that we have finally reached our goal. No pressure, self. No pressure at all.