Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to order Official Carnegie Hall & Times Square Photos!

Group Photos, Inc. was our official photographer for the "New York Nouveau" concert.  They also did a DGN and a DGS group shot in Times Square.

Below you will find a link to order photos.  Please note the "shopping cart tip." Avoid clicking on "continue shopping," but rather use the back-button on your browser as you add multiple images to your order.

Please note that there are seven different galleries on the initial page to help guide your shopping. Within each band's page you will find a "Stage Group Photo."  This is the one you want to order if you would like the formal/staged picture of the entire band.  There are also "Stage Performing" photos taken from long range, as well as "Close Ups" of each performing ensemble.

If you have any issues navigating the site, or have any questions about placing an order, the company has asked that you contact them directly.  1(800) GROUP PHOTO, (212) 262-8611.  Or

How to order ...

All Carnegie Hall and Times Square group photos are online here:
The password is: 030215
Shopping cart tip:  After adding a photo to the shopping cart, do not click on "continue shopping" as this will take you to the homepage.

Instead, click your web browser's "back" button twice to return to the gallery of photos that you just left.