Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I guess that's all for now.

Today it was back to nose to the grindstone.  Unless you were one of the few ( many) who stayed home. Then you start tomorrow.
It all seems like a dream. Just 48 hours ago we were on the greatest stage known to man and now we're getting fussed at for not doing our homework.  But the magic of the whole experience lives on. I know I stumbled through the day, half expecting to see a skyscraper whenever I turned a corner really fast.
And none of the magic would have been possible without any of you. Everyone worked so hard, so I wanted to take the time to say thanks. Thank you Mr. Miller. Thank you Mr. Teague. Thank you to our teachers, our chaperones,  the administration,  our supportive student body, our bus drivers,  our parents, our fellow band mates, Ms. Mullen, Ms. DePeder, Mr. Ball and all the other middle school directors, our elementary school teachers who helped cultivate our live of music,  the random people we met on the highway and in the city who we probably scared half to death, the restaurant workers for feeding us and not panicking, our friends, and all the other people who helped us on our way.
In all seriousness, thank you to the people who came to cheer us on and the people who trusted us enough to let us go. We experienced the best concert we will ever have (unless you become a professional.  Then all bets are off) and we loved every millisecond of it. If I could do it all over again, I would do it in a New York second.