Monday, March 2, 2015

The Grand Finale

(To preface this, I am tired.)


I mean, like, you know, wow.

For me, that performance is something you know you'll never forget as soon as it happens. The acoustics transformed the sound in wonderful ways - most notably the thousand-year resonance after a cutoff. It turned a note that was previously a star into a blazing supernova of sound and beauty.

Of course the soloists were beyond spectacular. The acoustics and the abilities of the violin soloist combined to shock me with the fact that a single violin was heard while a full band was playing. His part had a "few" notes in the same way that the Internet has a "few" pictures. Same is to be said of the clarinet soloist. Being a woodwind player, I was especially amazed by her breath and sound control. For those of you who don't play any instruments, I will relate my limited knowledge of the clarinet to you:
So imagine taking a hollow wooden wedge and cutting off some of the side at the corner, shaving off maybe two millimeters of wood. Now, you re-attach the cut off the piece of wood with metal clamps. You put your mouth on the corner near which the wood was cut, and blow really hard. This is basically a clarinet. Somehow, pretty noises come out. (I see this as proof that miracles do happen.) Now, you also have to focus on the finger-moving. This soloist somehow manages to do all of this, and even bend pitches and do other crazy things.

I realized a few things after the concert; one of which being that I'm actually somewhat acquainted with the inner passages of Carnegie Hall. It's a nice feeling.

Metroplex was fun, and an encouraging "Woo!" At the end was nice to hear.

Black Dog was all about the clarinet soloist, and I've already gone through all of that.

Angels in the Architechture (personally my favorite of the songs) was breathtaking. Cathedral-like acoustics are just what it needs. The "big hit" was wonderful, and probably the most prominent single moment of our performance, in my opinion.

Danza Final was just a fun little dance party. What else needs to be said?

This is the end of this post; obviusly some stuff happened yesterday. I might run through that later on. After all, The focus of today (and also kind of the whole trip) was this concert. But for now, we're on the road again, on the way home.