Friday, November 28, 2014

Real-Time Tour Itinerary Now Available as a Public Google Calendar

We have created a dynamic Google Calendar with our tour itinerary, and encourage all tour-participants, and family members following our tour from home, to subscribe.  As events in our itinerary are adjusted, added, or deleted, this calendar will be automatically updated in real time.

All events that will take place in NYC have been created as EST events, allowing students who subscribe to view the events correctly on their mobile devices while they are in New York.

To subscribe to this public Google Calendar ...

Step 1:

Go to the following URL:

Step 2:

Subscribe to the calendar, and link it to your own account by looking for this icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen ...

... and clicking it.

Once you have added it you may change the view (Month/Week/Agenda), and you may also add it to your mobile device just as you would any of your other calendars.  (Instructions for this vary based on your type of device.)

If you are searching Public Google Calendar, the official name is: NYC Tour 2015 (DGN & DGS Bands)

The same calendar has also been embedded on this tour blog for your convenience.