Friday, December 19, 2014

Carnegie Hall "Three Sheet" Poster Unveiled

Carnegie Hall, which is home to many rich artistic traditions, advertises concerts in large display boards located on the exterior of the building.  Beginning 14 days before a concert takes place, a poster for the event is rotated through this famous collection of glass cases.

At the time this advertising practice began, printers were not able to manufacture single posters to fill up the 40" x 80" space.  Instead, designers created three separate posters (each approximately 26.5" x 40") and stacked them vertically to create the illusion of a poster that filled the space.  Thus the name "Three Sheet."  Even today, while modern printing techniques make it possible to print singular posters of this size, Carnegie Hall still refers to the posters as "Three Sheets."

District 99/North High Fine Arts faculty member, Mr. Marty Voelker, has created a beautiful "Three Sheet" poster to advertise our March 2nd concert, as well as honor the historic nature of this concert for our community and District 99.

The large 40" x 80" version will be prominently displayed in rotation - at Carnegie Hall - beginning on February 16th.  Smaller scaled replicas of the posters will be created to commemorate the concert, and hung in the Fine Arts hallways at both North & South High Schools following the tour.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the District 99 "Three Sheet."