Saturday, February 28, 2015

First day in New York at 911 memorial

After an adventure packed day yesterday and a long bus ride we are now in New York City. After sleeping on a real bed (it was great), and a nice breakfast provided by the hotel, we were off to the 911 memorial. The 911 memorial is impossible to describe in words. Right when we got there we saw the South pool (there is a picture of it below). Around the two pools there must be thousands of names of those who perished there. Inside we went to an exhibit which went over what happened that day. One of the things that stuck with was that they had a few recordings of the voice mails of people who died that day. One of these people had 44 messages left for them, and another person had 56 messages left for them. It really hit me about the sheer number or individuals affected by those events. Another quote that really struck me was from the wife of a man who died there "I didn't want that day to end... As terrible as the day was it still was a day I shared with Sean". It was an extremely powerful museum and I am glad we made it partly our trip.