Friday, February 27, 2015

The Infamous Ithaca College

Upon our arrival at Ithaca College, the DGN band was greeted and warmly welcomed by the Ithaca staff. The North High Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble had the opportunity to play under the direction of Dr. E. Peterson and Dr. S. Peterson. Our hard work put into this morning's rehearsals, will pay off when we get onto the stage of Carnegie Hall! Myself, as long as other Symphonic band students enjoyed a tour of the beautiful campus after our rehearsal. Ithaca College is home to about 31 residence halls and stretches over about 668 acres. It began originally as a music school and expanded to fine arts in general. After an increase of students showed interest in Ithaca, the college began to cover a variety of professions. Across the valley of the Ithaca campus, lies the campus of Cornell University.