Friday, February 27, 2015

The First (Long) Day

Right now we are riding the bus to our hotel in New Jersey, essentially bringing our first day of the New York Tour to a close. I say that it's a long day because it seems to me that, for most of us, this first day began at 5:30 PM yesterday. There was a nap or two somewhere in between, but it's basically one day.

It's certainly been a good day, though; we spent our morning at Ithaca College, which was a good step at getting us acclimated to stages like that at Carnegie Hall to prevent any panic attacks. If you've ever performed music, you probably know that the room in which you perform changes the sound. A lot. In this case, it's a good change.

It's a little bigger than the band room at DGN.

(And it has more pipes.)

We then had a highly appreciated lunch provided by Ithaca College.

And now we head back to the hotel for (what I hope will be) a long night of sleep.