Monday, February 23, 2015

"Top 10" Need To Know Tour Tips ... for Monday

The following list of tour tips was written this evening in response to questions that came up in Band classes today.  We hope students (and parents) will find these helpful:

  1. A pillow/blanket will make you more comfortable overnight.
  2. Media devices must have headphones.
  3. There is allegedly WiFi on the bus, but if it works it will be SLOW, and only a few persons may be on the network at a time. Hop on, check your email, post a Tweet, and get off the network.  No streaming of music or video.  If you stream Netflix we will find you and we will be grumpy! 
  4. Music Binders should be packed in your CARRY ON bag, or in your instrument case (if it fits) so you have access to it at Ithaca College.  
  5. You should have $10 cash (exact change) with you in your carry on bag (to buy your Friday lunch ticket)
  6. You should make sure you have something appropriate to wear at the Ithaca clinic in your carry on bag (review Attire expectations here). 
  7. Please pack a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on bag so you can brush your teeth on Friday morning. Ditto for deodorant. (We'll all appreciate it!) 
  8. Pack efficiently.  Your suitcase should be a small-moderate size; you're only leaving for a long weekend. 
  9. You may review Money suggestions here.
  10. Don't forget to pack your concert black attire in your school-issued garment bag, and that bag will go inside your suitcase.  Quadruple check that you have everything you need to wear at the concert. The right shoes, socks, bow tie (men), white shirt (men), etc. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to get all the way to Carnegie Hall, and not get to perform because you forgot your concert attire in Illinois?

We will follow up with a post on Tuesday that contains very specific Drop Off instructions for Departure Day!  Stay tuned ...